Cameron Rose is now accepting independent wrestling gigs as a manager in California. Bookings within 70 miles of Palmdale, CA will be considered and probably accepted as long as they include sufficient reimbursement for gas money.
As of right now Mr. Cameron Rose is only interested in performing as a heel. A head shot is available upon request. If you would life to hear him perform, please call him. You may email him at mrcameronrose@hotmail.com for more info

Cameron Rose is available for hire to work on articles for your site. Proper reimbursement is a must. A resume is available upon request. Cameron Rose has already established himself as a astute journalist. 
If you are looking for a strong interviewer who is not afraid of the person he is interviewing, Cameron Rose is your man.
You may email him at mrcameronrose@hotmail.com for further info.

If you live in the Antelope Valley, CA area and need a youthful and energetic coach for your flag football team then Cameron Rose is your man. He has already established himself as knowledgable coach who specializes in teaching the game first. That does not mean that he does not know how to win. He has the age 8-9 San Fernando Valley Flag Football Championship as a coach to his credit on top of many solid winning seasons. He has 2 undefeated seasons to his credit, one being in the tournament/pool that he won the SFV championship in.
On top of being an established flag football coach, he is a reliable referee. If you need a football referee (any type, not just flag) then Cameron Rose is exactly who you are looking for.  3 days notice and a rule book from your league is required for any referee jobs. You may email him at mrcameronrose@hotmail.com if you are interested.


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