On top of being an established journalist and football coach, Cameron Rose is established in the music industry.
If you are band who needs help dealing with managers/bookers/label execs(especially indy ones, who can be the worst) then Cameron Rose might be your savior. Cameron Rose knows how to succeed in the music industry.
Cameron Rose will be an integral part of your band. Talking to him for 20 minutes might be the most helpful 20 minutes of your band’s life. He can teach you little things like: how much merchandise to buy, how to promote your band on the internet, etc.
Dont worry money is not an issue with Cameron Rose managing bands. He knows that a successful band does not have money at the begining stage of their career.
The best part, Cameron Rose can manage your band from anywhere in the world. For more info and inquiries to all of his services then send an email to mrcameronrose@hotmail.com


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