AFC Predictions

AFC West
1. San Diego 10-6
2. Oakland 8-8
I expect them to be competitive. Loses against Kansas City and Denver will cost them the playoffs.
3.  Kansas City 4-12
It is not that I don’t like them, I just dont like their schedule. They could easily be a 7-9 team against a division like the NFC West. This division has the toughest enviroments to play in with the exception of San Diego, but San Diego makes up for it by being a good team.
4. Denver 3-13

AFC South
1. Houston 12-4
Their offense has another year under their belt together and I dare anyone to tell me that they don’t like their defense. The time is now for Houston. It is a make or break season for Schaub.
2. Indianapolis 12-4
I have them going undefeated going into week 9 against the Texans who are always rough on divisional opponents.
3. Jacksonville 11-5
It is not that I like this team, as much as they are product of their schedule. Playing the NFC West makes things easy, as well as playing the AFC East who I am not high on.
4. Tennessee 4-12
Yes, I am aware that they had the best record last year but that was last year when they had a solid defense. They have since lost their defensive coordinator and all world defensive tackle. Kerry Collins is also a year older and highly overrated. I did have them over the Patriots in week 6.

NFC North
1. Cleveland 11-5
No this is not a mistake. I like their matchups against teams the NFC North.
2. Pittsburgh 10-6
3. Baltimore 10-6
I was really down on this team but they are a product of favorable matchups.
4. Cincinnati 9-7
They will surprise people. This is their coach’s make or break year. I like them as a sleeper to make the playoffs. If they were in a different division, I would even put them in the playoffs.

AFC East
1. New England 9-7
2. Miami 9-7
3. New York Jets 6-10
4. Buffalo 6-10
I know their is a lot to like about Buffalo but their schedule will be the death of them. See Minnesota.


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