Defending the Raiders trade

Would everyone please stop giving the Raiders shit for the Richard Seymour trade. Think about how much money the Raiders have given to their first round picks in the last few years. Have you seen who the Raiders have drafted in the past few years in the first round?
08: Darren McFadden
07: JaMarcus Russell
06: Michael Huff
05: Fabian Washington
04: Robert Gallery
03: Nnamdi Asomugha and Tyler Brayton
02: Phillip Buchanon
01: Derrick Gibson
00: Sebastian Janikowski

McFadden was worth it, but a reach in the draft because the Raiders already had a solid starting running back on their roster and Michael Bush. Russell was the first overall pick and has yet to prove himself. Huff is a nobody. Fabian Washington was so useful that the Raiders acquired DeAngelo Hall to replace him, and he ended up getting traded for a 4th rounder. Gallery is just now starting to come around after being considered a major bust, he still is proving that he was not worth the 2nd overall pick in the draft and all the money that comes with it.
Nnamdi Asomugha proves my point that first round draft picks are not all created equal. He was selected with pick 31 and is one of the best players at his position. He was picked later than all of the players mentioned before him and is the best overall compared to them. Tyler Brayton was picked at number 32 so I wont bother, but he is a useful Panther.
Phillip Buchanon crapped out as a Raider and finds himself as a journeyman now. Derrick Gibson isn’t even in the league anymore. Sebastian Janikowski was a first round kicker. Kickers dont get drafted until the 3rd round.
My point is the Raiders are saving themselves a headache by trading their first round pick. Of all the players mentioned only Nnamdi Asomugha and Darren McFadden (a pick that was a luxury) were useful so far. Everyone else was paid massive amounts of money to crap out. Does anyone realize how much money players in the top 15 picks of the NFL draft make? They make money comparable to the franchise tag. That is not worth it. It has gotten to the point that first round draft picks are a punishment to the teams that dont make the playoffs.
Half the players in the draft bust out anyway so why not get a perennial all star for a pick that will be a pain in your ass.
I personally think the Raiders made the right move by acquiring Richard Seymour. Now if he doesn’t report, I may feel differently. For those that disagree with me I have to ask who would you rather throw your money at, a perennial all star who is a proven winner or a young unproven quarterback like Matthew Stafford who can easily turn into the next Ryan Leaf.


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