NFC Predictions

NFC West
1. Arizona Cardinals 11-5
I have Arizona going on a 2, 2 game losing streaks starting with week 3 and 5 (Arizona has bye week 4) when they play Indianapolis and Houston. The other losing streak is the final 2 games with  Green Bay and St. Louis.
2. Seattle Seahawks 7-9
I like Seattle this year but they will face some rough games within their division. I dont see them winning a brutal week 3 to 8 stretch that sees them play Indianapolis, Arizona, Dallas, Jacksonville, and Chicago.
3. San Francisco 7-9
4. St. Louis 6-10
They start strong going 2-0 then collapse.

NFC South
1. New Orleans Saints 11-5
2. Carolina 10-6
I was extremely hard on the Panthers because they are my favorite team. I was as shocked as anyone when I saw they had 10 wins by the end of the season. There are only 3 games on their schedule that are immediate loses: Giants, Patriots, and Cardinals. Every other game has potential to go in their favor.
3. Atlanta 9-7
I expect a huge dropoff from Matt Ryan and Michael Turner this year. This team played lights out last year and I doubt that they can pull it off again. This was also the weirdest schedule ever because I have them going 0-7 to start the season and finishing 9-0. Playing the bucks twice in their final 5 games helps. I also made a point to alternate division wins, so I have them beating Carolina and New Orleans once and losing the other time. This is why the schedule on paper looks weird.
4. Tampa Bay 1-15
The worst team in the league. I gave them a win against Miami and to tell you the truth that was being nice. They gutted their defense and I dont trust Cadiallac Williams or whoever they decide will play QB.

NFC North
I didn’t know who was going to come out of this division until I played it out. The only given was Detroit not being in first place.
1. Green Bay 11-5
Only real hiccup I see is a 3 game stretch of Baltimore, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.
2. Chicago 8 – 8
I really like the AFC North this year and I have them pretty much beating up on this division. I gave them a win against Pittsburgh. I just fear the Bears consistency. I really do not like their defense.
3. Minnesota 7-9
Brett Favre meet a division that is out to get you and the NFC North.
4. Detroit 3-13
A win against the beatable Washington, St. Louis, and San Francisco seems reasonable.

NFC East
A division that beats up on each other.
1. New York Gians 9-7
2. Philadelphia 9-7
3. Dallas 8-8
A rough stretch of the Chargers, Giants, and Saints hurts.
4. Washington6-10


One Response to NFC Predictions

  1. whitsport says:

    Totally agree in the NFC South, tough division and truly a tough stretch for Dallas in the East. Not sure about Minnesota finishing 7-9, but I’m definitely high on Green Bay this year. Good stuff

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