NFL Playoff predictions

Okay the season results are in. Here are the playoff seeds:


1. Indianapolis Bye-South Division Winner, they deserved it 
2. Cleveland Bye-North Division Winner, they deserved it as well

3. San Diego 10-6 West Winner
4. New England 9-7 East Tiebreaker Division Winner

5. Houston Texans 12-4 Wild Card
6. Jacksonville 11-5 Wild Card

Just missed
Miami: tied for division lead, squeezed out in tiebreaker
Pittsburgh 10-6 you can thank Jacksonville’s weak schedule
Baltimore 10-6

1. Arizona Bye-West Division Winner 
2. New Orleans Bye-South Division Winner

3. Green Bay North Winner
4. New York Giants 9-7 East Tiebreaker Division Winner

5. Carolina 10-6 Wild Card
6. Philadelphia 9-7 Wild Card, Co Division Winner

Just missed
Atlanta 9-7

Wild Card Round
Philadelphia over Green Bay
Carolina over NY Giants
San Diego over Jacksonville
Houston over New Enland

Arizona over Philadelphia
New Orleans over Carolina
San Diego over Cleveland
Houston over Indianapolis

Division Championship
Arizona over New Orleans
San Diego over Houston

Super Bowl
Arizona over San Diego in the best super bowl ever.


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