TNA did something right, kind of

The Homicide heel turn was done right.
For about 3 weeks now, Eric Young has called out Hernandez to join his world elite squad. The whole angle just smelled of a LAX member turning heel. It was a turn that I was worried would be drawn out. Finally last night, Homicide hit his “brother” with a chair and joined the World Elite.
Now I think TNA had the wrong member turn heel. Homicide, who is slated to join the main event picture now becomes Eric Young’s lackey. I have nothing against Eric Young, I think he is doing a great job and is the right guy to be the leader of the world elite, I just question creative’s decision to turn Homicide and not Hernandez. A guy with the World Title breifcase now is a lackey to a guy who is not a proven main eventer. How can you elevate a guy to the main event that way? Did he join the wrong group? Should it have been the Main Event Mafia that recruited Homicide?
If it was Hernandez that made the turn, it would have been a great set up for Homicide to join the main event. He could have feuded with the midcard World Elite and then moved on and cashed his brief case against a Main Event Mafia member.

Also, by turning Homicide, TNA has shot themselves in the foot as far as lower card faces(good guys) go. With Jeff Jarrett gone, it seems creative has lost touch of who is a heel and who is face. They have turned too many guys heel without any babyface turns. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are the lone exception, but it looks like they are transitioning to commentators. Guys like the tag team of Lethal Consequenses have played both. TNA is lacking a core group of mid card faces. Lets take a look at all of the faces:
Bobby Lashley – not a mid card guy
Cody Deaner – pretty sure that they just turned him heel with his current angle
Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal- didn’t he turn heel on Suicide only to go back? Not a strong enough baby face
Daniels – more of a main eventer
Hernandez – the only strong mid carder
Beer Money and Team 3d – tag teams, I would love to see Beer Money break into singles action though. I really think its time.
Jeff Jarrett – ha
Jethro Holliday – just turned heel when he aligned with Dr. Stevie
Jesse Neal – a little too green but I would love to see him climb the ladder into being a main eventer
Amazing Red and Shark Boy – need to be on tv more to be legitimate
BG James – still listed on the roster but never appears
Kip James – tna is killing him
Mick Foley – should not be wrestling
Sting – main eventer who is retiring
Suicide – he is really better suited as a heel


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