breaking point odds

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs. Undertaker (Submission Match)
Undertaker 70%
CM Punk 30%

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena (“I Quit” Match)
Cena 60%
Orton 40%
D-Generation X vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (Submissions Count Anywhere Match)
Rhodes and Dibiase 55%
DX 45%

ECW Champion Christian vs. William Regal (with Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov)
Bill 55%
Christian 45%

Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show

Jerishow 90%
MVP/Henry 9%
Someone else 1%

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz
The Great Khali vs. Kane (Singapore Cane Match)

Kane 70%
Khali 30%
I smell a turn by Khali’s manager/brother

Random thoughts:
I would love for Kane to move away from his annoying feud with Khali and feud with the Undertaker. Is their a guy more deserving of the title than Kane? CM Punk versus Rey at the next ppv would be an iconic match up if they include Rey’s real life drama. All that said, I really don’t like the idea of Punk losing the title so soon or Undertaker getting the title in his first match back.
I would love to see Kozlov and Jackson get the tag titles. It would help restore Kozlov’s image.
Didn’t list the Mr. Ziggles/John Morrison match because it has not been confirmed. I pick Mr. Ziggles. Boy do I love typing Mr. Ziggles.


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