Fuck poor sportsmen

If its true that Tila Tequila did the ceremonial coin toss then they deserved to lose. I am so sick of people losing sight that sports are just a game that people have fun with.
Will I chant something to a wrestler that is mean, yes. But I will never bring his wife up by name. As a coached have a pissed off another coach to get in his head, absolutely. But have I brought up anything personal, no.

Perfect example: a good friend of mine was coaching 7-8 year old flag game where the coaches are allowed to be on the field. So both him and the other coach were allowed to be on the field and interact. A call went one the way that the other coach didn’t like. My buddy called him a crybaby. More useless words were exchanged. It ended up with the other coaching talking about how another coach in the league almost got in a fist fight with him. Which coach do you think, I thought crossed the line:
Coach #1 who only used to word crybaby
Coach #2 who got personal and aired out Coach #1s dirty laundry in front of parents.

I personally think that it is Coach #2. Name calling is one thing but getting personal (like the Raiders did with Shawn Merriman) is something that I think crosses the line.
I am so sick of poor sports period. Now the dude who lost the US Open was complaining about something minor. Yes, the refs may be wrong an consistently bad, especially if you and a Williams sister complain but that doesnt mean you ridicule the refs on camera.


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