State of the Carolina Panthers…WTF?

I realize that the Panthers have a rough schedule and are a team on the rocks but can they please buy a victory.
The Panthers have to win now because they sacrifiecedd their first rounder coming up for a pick in last year’s 2nd round. This proves that their manager and coach are desperate. They are a team that has got by on luck. They played in a bad division, had an easy schedule, and had players over acheive.
John Fox and their GM need to go. They refuse to make bold decisions. Bold decisions are what make teams. Being bold in free agency or the draft is something that needs to be done. The Panthers need to get talented players. Talent shines regardless of the system. I should know, I have coached football.
My first year I had 2 great players who had all the talent in the world. The problem was that they didn’t have the talent in my system.
Player A was a lengthy, athlete, with amazing speed.
Player B was an accurate qb, who was the fastest kid in the league but crumpled under pressure. O ya, he was also the biggest headcase in the league, with his dad. 
After some experimenting, I found the right place for both players and they gelled with the team. Did it cost me some games, them getting used to my system: absolutely. But if I would have had them for 2 seasons or more (like an NFL team can), they would have rode my team to the playoffs.
When I took those players, I knew that they weren’t right for my team but the fact is you have to adjust to the talent that is available. The Panthers front office and coaching staff is not doing that. This is why the league is blazing past them.

I am curious as to what it would cost to pry Derek Anderson away from the Browns. If it is a 3rd rounder or later, I would have to consider. He is a QB who plays similar to what the Panthers like.
Can they please buy a defense? QB’s have been eating them alive and then running it up their gut. Maybe the Panthers should blitz early and often to compensate.


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