As a coach and a teacher, parents and kids are constantly asking me about good eating habits. The truth is, I can’t give good advice because I am a vegetarian and use supplements in my diet. I don’t recomend being a vegetarian(even though, it is something that I strongly believe in) or taking supplements to young children.
The honest answer I give them is that I suggest that they lay off caffeine at night, eat their vegetables, try to grab a banana/orange/apple for a snack a couple times a week, and make a point to eat 3 meals a day. Do I care what meals they are? Yes, I have seen how eating crap affects my students. It really depends on the kid. One of the kid’s that I am closest (my brother) has trouble digesting food dyes, and junk food affects his behavior. 
Anyway here is a solid interview with the Lakers trainer Gary Viti:


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