After Peyton Manning broke Johny Unitas’ record yesterday, I was asking myself: Which QB’s of today would be relevant in the future when all of them are all retired?

Jamarcus Russell: he was a number one overall pick, for better or worse he will be remembered
Kyle Orton: If he wins a Super Bowl or Jay Cutler does, otherwise forget about him
Matt Cassel: don’t count on it
Phillip Rivers: I really think that he has a chance. I think out of the great draft class with Big Ben and Eli, Rivers will put up the best statistical numbers.

Ben Roethlisberger: he won 2 super bowls, he will be a legend
Carson Palmer: he was a number one pick who didn’t bust. 
Brady Quinn: time will tell
Joe Flacco: time will tell

Peyton Manning: he won’t be remembered as the god that we view him as but he will be a hall of famer
Matt Schaub: needs to win a Super Bowl and be a pro bowler
David Garrard: people already forgot about him
Kerry Collins: he is tricky because he has had a unique career. He was the Panthers first franchise player, he took the Giants to a Super Bowl but lost. Ultimately because he was not an elite qb, I doubt anyone will remember him.

Mark Sanchez: he was a Jets draft pick, people will know who he is
Tom Brady: do you really need me to answer this?
Chad Pennington: nope
Trent Edwards: don’t count on it unless Terrel Owens makes him famous

Eli Manning: he won a super bowl and is Peyton’s brother
Tony Romo: he will be in the same breath as Quincy Carter when it all comes down to it
Donovan McNabb: needs to break some records
Jason Campbell: his team forgot how good he was

Brett Favre: of course
Aaron Rodgers: needs to win a super bowl to not be known as the guy who replaced Brett
Jay Cutler: will only be remembered by Bears and Broncos fans for all the drama he caused both. How much Chicago gave up for him and for the way he got out of Denver. Ultimately, he was the best qb in Denver since a guy named Elway.
Matthew Stafford: #1picks are always remembered. Also depends on Mark Sanchez’s career

Matt Ryan: time will tell
Drew Brees: he already broke a Dan Marino single season record, this guy will be talked about for years to come. He has already made everyone forget that he once played in San Diego
Jake Delhomme: he did take the panthers to their first ever super bowl but other than to Panthers fans, he is a footnote as a losing super bowl qb who had a journeyman career.
Byron Leftwich: maybe the college football hall of fame. I will never forget his linemen carrying him down the field at Marshall during a game winning drive. 

Kurt Warner: he won a Super Bowl and has a nice story. He also won an MVP award
Marc Bulger: the man who drove Kurt Warner out of St. Louis
Matt Hasselbeck: he should be remembered but he won’t
Shaun Hill: not a chance


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