With Lisa Leslie’s retirement, I have to ask: will the league survive without her? Are Augustus and Taurausi strong enough to carry the torch of the whole league and womens basketball in america as a whole? Will they have enough time to develop into stars or will the economy combined with a lack of star power kill the league? Is women’s college basketball strong enough to carry the whole torch of a dead league?
As a teacher and a coach of basketball (other sports too but basketball is the topic), I know that girls need good role models. The easy answer would be that I would prefer that they look up to college athletes, but as a coach I know players need incentive to have ability to go pro. I know numerous athletes who have full ride scholarships to universities from lower division schools. That should be good enough for an athlete but it is not. What ultimately drives competitiveness in college sports is the ability to go to the next level. Most athletes don’t want to go overseas because of language barriers and olympic programs for basketball only have 12-18 spots tops. The united states needs a woman’s basketball league and more leagues from other sports for that matter.


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