random wrestling notes

Matt Hardy has been main eventing or co main eventing many house shows recently. I am very happy for him, I hope his push stays because it is long over due. I could not think of a more deserving wrestler than him who has yet to win the big title.

Rumors have Chris Hero going to WWE. Hero is amazing but needs to stop using all those elbows. Hero has a good look, wwe height and weight, and has the talent. If I were him, I would wait to see if the WWE buries Danielson and McGuinnes before signing. This would leave ROH and PWG with Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, and El Generico as their strongest draws (who were never in WWE or TNA).

Christopher Daniels has confirmed that he is not on the TNA european tour. This is pretty surprising considering all the tv time he has been getting. Does this mean that he will be buried? Is this is DUI punishment?
Speaking of the TNA European tour, do you think it is any coincidence that WWE has their ECW/Smackdown roster doing house shows in Europe at the same time?


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