nhl western conference preview

Hockey season is here. What does that mean? Well predictions of course.
1. San Jose
Will Heatly put them over the top? Maybe!
2. Vancouver
Now this is my pick to represent the west for the Stanley Cup final
3. Chicago

4. Detroit
They really left a lot to be desired against the Penguins. Worst part is, they only got worse. Their time is up.
5. St. Louis
I really like them to do some damage and knock out a contender or 2 in the playoffs.
6. Calgary
7. LA
I hate to put them in the playoffs but if they perform to their expectations and find solid goaltending then they belong.
8. Columbus

9. Anaheim
they have turned themselves into a team like the Red Wings, Stars, Sharks, and formerly Colorado but this team has lost too many veterans.
10. Edmonton
11. Phoenix
I had this team in the playoffs until the Gretzky annexed himself. They are a very talented team and will do damage but does that mean that they will make the playoffs, no. If they were in a different division, I would consider puting them higher but the Pacific has some very solid teams.
12. Nashville
13. Dallas
After watching Marc Crawford ruin the Kings, I question if he can do anything with a more talented Stars team.
14. Colorado
Even though they are bad and lost Sakic and Ryan Smyth, I still find it hard to put them in last.
15. Minnesota
What can you expect from a team that lost their star player and their coach?


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