Looks like people really care that Eric Wedge was fired because on twitter, he was a trending topic. As far as I am concerned, Wedge blew it when he had the Red Sox on the ropes in the ALCS and gave up 2-3 games. That is really bad managing, as far as I am concerned.
Cleveland has been a sports town today because now the only Eric coach left, the Mangenius announced today that he is benching Brady Quinn for Derek Anderson. I like this move, they gave Quinn enough time to see what he has and now they are putting the veteran back in the drivers seat before the rookie wrecks the whole season.
Now a team that has no clue is the Tampa Bay Bucs. They’re giving Josh Johnson the starting nod. I am nodding my head, no. Actually as a Panthers fan, I love the move because I think it may cost the Bucs the season. They have no clue what this guy has to offer as a starter and is week 3 the time to see what he has? Maybe they are trying to bottle lightning, but this bottle will shatter all over their hands.
By the way, I heard an interesting rumor regarding a Bucs quarterback. The Panthers who didn’t have a first round pick last year were hoping that Josh Freeman fell to the 2nd round, and then they were going to trade up. Instead they moved their first rounder for Everette Brown, yikes!
Congrats to Kevin Kolb for being the NFC player of the week. His trade value this offseason, just skyrocketed. Jeff Garcia got sent back home for the 2nd time this season. Garcia to Panthers, please? I would love to see him take AJ Feely’s spot twice.


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