eastern conference predictions, nhl

Well I don’t have as much hockey knowledge as Linda Cohn but I do love the game, and love playing it just like her. Anyway, here is the Eastern conference predictions. I really like this conference. 1-12 could easily dominate the western conference. This division was really hard because I had 12 teams that were capable of making the playoffs, wheras in my mind, I had 6 in the West.

1. Washington
They just got better in the offseason but will their goaltending hold up?
2. Pittsburgh
The defending champions only got better in the offseason.
3. Boston
They overacheived last year and Chara has nowhere to go but down.
4. Philadelphia
I really like this team to do tons of damage. If they didn’t have the Penguins in the same state and division, I would put them in first. Heck, I would probably put them in 1st in any other division except the Redwings/Blackhawks one.
5. New York Rangers
For starters, I think Gaborik will compete for MVP. I think he just needed a change of scenery.
6. New Jersey
Hard to bet against a team like this.
7. Florida
A lot of pepole are down on them because of Bouwmeester being gone but they will do some damage.
8. Carolina
Good team who is always a shoe-in for the playoffs.

9. Montreal
10. Toronto
11. Buffalo
Another team who I hate to bet against.
12. Tampa Bay
13. Atlanta
14. New York Islanders
15. Ottawa
While, I did like the return of the Heatly trade, it seems the Senators are a team that has more work to do.

Philadelphia goes to the Stanley Cup and loses to Vancouver in 6.


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