NBA Training Camp, who landed where

I always think it is fun to see which flamed out prospect is holding on and still trying to make a team instead of going to europe. Anyway here is list that I had fun putting together. You just know one of these guys will make a major impact in the league, if they are lucky.

Lakers sign Mickael Gelebale.
Denver signs Joey Graham.
Philadelphia signs Sean Singletary and Stromile Swift.
Charlotte signs Ronald “Flip” Murray to a one-year deal.
Portland signs Juwan Howard.
Minnesota signs Sasha Pavlovic.
New York signed guard Sun Yue.
Sacramento signed Desmond Mason.
Philadelphia signs Rodney Carney.
Golden State signed center Mikki Moore.
Atlanta signed center Jason Collins.
Grizzlies sign Marcus Williams from UCONN.
Paul Davis goes to Washington.
Utah grabs Alexander Johnson and Ronald Dupree.
Spurs sign Keith Bogans.
Jake Voskuhl and Dallas agree.
Juan Dixon goes to Atlanta.
Melvin Ely in Sacromento.
Jarron Collins and Portland.
Dan Dickau to Phoenix.
Michael Ruffin to Oklahoma City.
Jason Hart, Mustafa Shakur, and Jaren Reiner to Minnesota.
Shavlik Randolph and John Lucas to Miami.
Kareem Rush, Anthony Roberson, and Taj Gray to the Clippers.
Pacers get D League Blogger Rod Benson, Lawrence Roberts, Demetris Nichols, and Luther Head.


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