Is Chicago stupid for wanting the Olympics so bad? I really think that they are. The Olympics bring the ultimate level of scrutiny from the world and I must ask: is it worth it? On top of all that scrutiny, you have to pay for state of the art athletic complexes and then you have renovate every hotel in the area.  And do you know what all these new athletic complexes mean? Higher taxes. Athens, Greece still hasn’t recovered from all that debt, Sydney, Austrailia still hasn’t recovered either.
The Olympics are really only good for nations that are trying to make themselves legit in the World’s eyes. Did anybody even think about visiting China until they hosted the Olympics? What about Nagano, Japan or Torino, Italy. Rio de Janero is in the same boat. Nobody has ever really considered hosting a sporting event in south america and now we get to see it, as exhibited by the fact that there has never been an Olympics on South American soil. This will be the boom that South America needs. Yes, it is still dangerous for tourist to visit some of the South American countries but now those problems will be magnified and things will get better there instead of being swept under the rug. Africa, your next.
Interestingly, Chicago was once awarded the Olympics but they were moved to St. Louis to coincide with the Worlds Fair.


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