The Yankees have been given the option to start the playoffs today or tomorrow. They have to notify MLB an hour after the game.
Some would argue that the obvious choice is to play the game tomorrow but that is not the case. In baseball the teams that get hot need to be stopped and history says that off days can stop a hot team. That means whether the Yankees were coming off a hot streak or not is a mute point now; their number one goal should be to rest their own guys. The yankees also now have the opprountity to mess with the Angels and Red Sox. They are holding the teams hostage as to when they play.
I may hate the yankees but they earned this opprotunity to mess with the other teams. They should take it, everyone else would do it to them.

As I was writing this, I found an article that said the Yankees plan to play Wednesday.
The Yankees have opted to mess with the Twins/Tigers bodies and be nice to the television executives. It also gives them an advantage to announce it early because of the fans. They are more likely to sell out and have a full stadium if they announce it early. As of writing this the Tigers game was in the botto of 12th.

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