Who made the team

Sorry for not posting a “who made the team” sooner, but it seems like the WWE isn’t even trying any more and it is impossible to get motivated. Even the writers have leaked that they were stressed out and unmotivated with “Hell in the Cell”.
Another reason it took me so long, I purposely waited a week because things change in the wrestling world, the week after a ppv. For example: Miz beat Kofi for US title.

1. Christian – this guy has had every member of the ECW trying to get to him and he still has the title on him. I am so happy for him because I was sure Kozlov or Regal would have one upped him by now.
2. Undertaker
3. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase – they just came out of a huge feud with DX and did not look weak. They deserve the top Raw spot.
4. Degeneration X
5. Randy Orton
6. Chris Jericho and Big Show
7. Zack Ryder
8. John Morrison
9. Miz
10. Kofi Kingston
11. Drew McIntyre
12. Batista
13. Dolph Ziggler
14. William Regal
15. Rey Mysterio
16. Yoshi Tatsu

7-16 were really hard. I was going to try and make this list only 15. Yoshi and Rey deserve to be on the list inserting themselves into their respective brands world title pictures. Zack Ryder earned the top spot of basically the B team because he has been able to shine in a world where Christian and Regal’s team are dominating.


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