Raw was written horribly but it really accomplished a lot.

 But first I want to point out the things I liked about the show: -Chavo doing comedy segments without Hornswoggle was a gem.
-Kofi is a great wrestler. He really made Evan Bourne look good.
-Despite my criticsm below, I really liked the friction between Dibiase, Rhodes, and Orton. The writing was off but the story direction was in the right place

I understand why they added John Cena to the Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase match but did they have to put a spot on the team on the line? John Cena is in the main event at Bragging Rights, that right there confirms that he was going to lose the match. It was really a matter of how. I would love to see Rhodes versus Dibiase versus Orton

What was the point of the Diva trade? As far as I am concerned: Mickie James and Melina are the same people. I am really curious to see where this goes because I just dont get it. I hope this leads to a Beth Phoenix push and she keeps her momentum from Raw.
What was the point of the Divas Championship changing hands twice? Too embarass Jillian Hall? To kill Mickie James?

Another thing I don’t get: having Jericho and Big Show feud/hint at breaking up really pisses me of. The direction is going something like this: Put a tag team together, have them win their first match, put them on a dominant 3 month run, break them apart. That seems like a waste of a good team to me. It also shows everything that is wrong with the Tag division.

Will Carlito please appear?
Chavo and Santino need to feud or be put on serarate brands


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