I love and respect touring bands. I have managed them myself, I have toured the United States with them. Independent bands have a lot in common with independent wrestlers. They travel they world in an effort to make a small paycheck, all the while doing something they love.
Touring is not for me but I do know a lot about promoting and managing. The similarities are really endless and I have tons of experience.
It is obvious that I am trying to break into Indy wrestling so if you are an indy wrestler and need someone to watch your back, I would be glad to help. I can literally be your manager while you are in the ring at ringside (as Mr. Cameron Rose) and out of the ring as myself.
Do you know when it is okay to ask about getting paid? Do you know when it is okay to talk to fans and not disturb the show? Do you know the limits of the fans? Do you know how to act backstage and who to talk to in charge? When you need help finding him, guess who will be there? What type of merchandise do you buy? How much to buy? How to promote your appearance. How to run your website and keep yourself know. I can do all this and ten times more.
Hit me up at mrcameronrose@hotmail.com if you are interested in my services.


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