Guess what: the NFL trading deadline is near. Now that usually means nothing and usually goes by with a minor trade or two but this year might be something special. Cleveland has made it known that they are open for bussiness and teams like San Diego, New York Jets, and Carolina have made it known that they are all in.

New York Jets: they have made it known that they are doing everything in their power to make themselves Super Bowl bound. That in itself means that teams are calling them first. I honestly don’t expect anything else from them though.
New England: Always on the hunt for a good deal.
Miami: They could be looking for a QB upgrade. Dont expect them to go after Brady Quinn, they already picked Chad Henne over him once. You know who would be perfect for them: Jake Delhomme. I wouldnt be surprised if they dealt one of their running backs, get some value for Ricky Williams before he retires.
Buffalo: Eveyones job is on the line here so look for them to make trades that will make the team better, not worse. That means they wont trade a guy we know as TO.
Cincinnati: I am curious what they are thinking. Do they think that they are good enough to win now? What they think will go a long way in what they do at the trade deadline.
Baltimore: have always been quiet and I expect the same
Pittsburgh: Should make a trade to improve their team this year but I don’t think they will.
Cleveland: rebuilding team who has made it known that everyone is available for the right price
Indianapolis: their GM is not afraid to make moves at the deadline. They should dangle their first round draft pick and see what it attracts
Jacksonville: They know David Garrard is not the future so I think that they would be smart to dangle him. This team needs to do a lot after getting gutted by the Seahawks.
Texans: ???
Tennessee: They should offer Kerry Collins to Miami or any other QB needy team. They won’t but they should.
Denver: any ex Patriots available?
San Diego: need to win now with this team. There is a rumor that Merriman is available but I think that is bullshit. If they deal him, they will deal him in the offseason.
Oakland: they are always open for business but nobody wants to trade with them
Kansas City: Veterans are available as always in KC

New York Giants: I think they should get younger and keep their first round pick. They have a plethora of young WRs to deal who are over acheiving, that means deal now in my opinion.
Philadelphia: need a WR. Kolb might be available but he would command a lot in return
Dallas: need to do something, probably will
Washington: need to do something, probably wont. Should just rebuild.
Minnesota: win now mode. Favre needs another toy on offense, maybe a tight end
Chicago: not known to deal at deadline
Green Bay: not known to deal at deadline
Detroit: Culpepper can be had for anything and so can anyone else not named Johnson or Stafford
New Orleans: should dangle Reggie Bush and see if they can get something useful
Atlanta: trade draft picks for players that will help you win now is what I would do but I dont think they will do anything
Carolina: normally don’t do much at deadline but jobs are on the line in Carolina so I am curious what comes of this
Tampa Bay: any and every veteran will be on the block and they won’t be afraid to deal
San Francisco: need to make a move or two to compete with Arizona
Arizona: ???
Seattle: will be quiet. I am not sure they know where they are right now.
St. Louis: Bulger has only 2-3 years left, they should move him and build around an all world rb known as Stephen Jackson


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