Stephen Jackson is just plain dumb

As the Warriors seek to do everything they can to regain stability with in the franchise, Stephen Jackson is doing everything he can to sabotage the little ounce of stability the franchise offered him.
Here is a list of things the most dysfunctional living Jackson has done:
– Apparently at the end of last season the Warriors gave him the Captain slot on their team. He has no relinquished that spot.
– When he relinquished his captaincy slot, he told the media “I don’t want to be a role model.” Well newsflash you are an NBA basketball player, that forces you to be a role model. I knew this guy wasn’t that smart (he was the biggest player/brawler in the Malace at the Palace) but I didn’t think he would wear his stupidity on his sleeve this bad.
– What did Stephen Jackson expect when he signed his contract extension? He knew his contract would be untradable He knew the situation that he was going into. Was he expecting Don Nelson to get fired? Ironically, the Warriors have made an effort to get better and have. Stephen Curry should have been the first overall pick in the draft and the Warriors did try to trade for Amare Staudomire.
– He recently had 5 fouls in the first 9 and half minutes of a game. He then complained that his coach wasn’t supporting him and fled to the locker room. He was promptly suspended. Unfortunately, he came back.

Ironically Stephen Jackson’s relationship with Don Nelson may spell the end of Don Nelson but not because Nelly is a bad coach. When one player revolts, especially as bad as Jackson has been doing other players take notice with what they can get away with. Jackson’s contract is untradeable and since they can’t trade him, they can and probably will make Nelson the scapegoat of this problems.

The Warriors can do one thing: they have a  lot of attractive young players who they can package Stephen Jackson with in exchange for a more attractive contract, I mean player. The player won’t be that special. Think someone like Raja Bell, Andres Nocioni, Beno Udrih, Jason Richardson.


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