Here are my NFL, week 7 picks. Have fun. I started out with a bold pick and ended with one. I do have my reasons.

Browns edge Green Bay
Chargers over Chiefs
Colts kill Rams
Steelers over Vikings
Patriots beat the London Bucs
Texans over the 49ers
Bills over Panthers
Raiders over Jets
Cowboys over Falcons
Bengals edge Bears
Saints over Dolphins
Cardinals over Giants

In a bold pick:
Redskins over Eagles

Why did I make some of these bold choices? Why did I pick the Raiders, Browns, and Redskins? They are playing at home and all are playing against teams that I don’t think are that talented.

The Cardinals over the Giants was a really hard game to pick. Ultimately, I came to my senses and realized that the Giants got destroyed by the Saints last week who run a similary style offense to Arizona; and I actually would consider Arizona’s offensive talent better. Arizona has a weaker defense than the Saints though.


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