NBA Southeast Preview

The southeast is a really talented division. Any team can compete for a playoff spot in this division.

1. Orlando – Made a brilliant move by flipping Courtney Lee when his trade value was at its peak for Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson. Will miss Hedo but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the Finals again.

2. Atlanta – A good team that just got better by adding Jamal Crawford. Will be able to beat anyone on any night.

3. Miami – There is a lot to like in Miami. They could use one more guy who could produce points though. Pat Riley will find him or someone will step up.

4. Charlotte – They have a really solid core and have something most teams in the east wish they had: center depth. Don’t be surprised to see good things come from them this year.

5. Washington – A really talented team that should flip one of its better players (Caron Butler or Antawn Jamison) for a center. That would make them unbeatable. As it is, they are a flawed team with 90 solid shooting guard/small forward types. That won’t spell succsess.


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