NBA Atlantic Division Preview

1. Boston – Boston is a no brainer to be put at the top of the Atlantic and the East. Boston is a good team and has tons of talent but I think that on any given day, they can be beat. How Ray Allen (an aging player) and Rajon Rondo (the most overrated player in the league) perform this year will show how good this team really is.

2. Toronto – In the rough draft of this preview, I buried this team but my mind kept coming back to the roster. They are a really talented team without a hole on the roster.Are they as talented as Cleveland, no but they do have a solid line up that should make an impact in the regular season. After looking at Toronto’s roster; if everybody plays up to their potential, this team can compete with Boston.

3. New York – This is a hard team to place. They have talent and I can easily picture them competing for a playoff spot, I just cant picture who will be the go to guy. They really are lacking “that guy” who will push them into the playoffs.

4. Philadelphia – I want to like this team but it extremely hard. Andre Miller was the heart and soul of this team; and while I think Elton Brand will have a come back season, I still think they will miss the playoffs.

5. New Jersey – Will they break 10 wins? Here is a prediction though: don’t be surprised if Rafer Alston is an all star.


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