NBA Central Preview

1. Cleveland – They are good team who has a good chance to come out of the east. I am looking forward to seeing year two of the Mo Williams/Lebron connection. Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker will have to play big roles replace Wally Sczerbiak, they will really miss him.

2. Detroit – I am really looking forward to watching this team play. They have talent and all stars at every position. Yes, I know its a stretch to call Ben Wallace an all star but we already know that he will gel with this team. They may have lost Rasheed Wallace and Chauncey Billups but they added some solid player to their core of Prince, Hamilton, and Stuckey. I am not expecting them to do tons of damage, but they will compete for second place and may upset a team in the first round of the playoffs. At the very least, they will be an exciting team to watch.

3. Chicago – They have a solid core on paper but that does not always translate. They will have their ups and downs but they will be an average team. The key word being average.

4. Milwaukee – Contrary to what other people are saying, they do have a good team. Are they flawed: absolutely but so is every team in the east. Hakim Warrick will be everyones favorite player in Milwaukee. Don’t be surprised if they are not a lottery team.

5. Indiana – They need a big year from Roy Hibbert and I just can’t see that happening. They do have enough people to put up 100 points a game for them, they are going to need that because they just don’t have the rebounding talent.


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