NBA Southwest Division Preview

1. San Anontio – A lot of people are really high on this team and I don’t blame them. If DeJuan Blair is as good as advertised then the NBA is in trouble. I feared that they lost defense when they traded Kurt Thomas and Bruce Bowen for Richard Jefferson but what they lost in defense and rebounds, they made up for in points. They are beatable though.

2. Dallas – hard not to like this team with the addition of Shawn Marion. In my book, Marion has the potential to be as good as Dirk and that is dangerous.

3. New Orleans – We know this team is good but how far can Emeka Okafor and Julian Wright push them?

4. Memphis – I know this is a bold place to put them and no, I am not putting them here because they are my favorite team. If Zach Randolph and Mike Conley can rebound then they will be deadly. Don’t forget Rudy Gay can play defense. This team needs depth.

5. Houston – no Yao, yikes. They wont be the worst team in the league, though.


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