While I was out on a field trip with my 4th grade class, news came in that Hulk Hogan has joined TNA. I have a mixed bag of emotions on this.

If TNA wants to make a dent in the wrestling bussiness, I reall don’t think that Hulk Hogan is it. His Hulkamaniacs are not getting any younger. Hulkamania was a long time ago. Anyone that has ever cared about hulkamania, has either stoped watching wrestling or is a wrestling mark.
Will Hogan boost ratings, absolutely…at first. TNA will probably gain a consisten .2 in the ratings because of him. Fans will turn on because of him and see the X Division and stay because of that. Is that small rating boost, worth having the Hogan show in your locker room and all the drama that he causes, heck no.
Hogan and Barry Bonds have a lot in common: they are all headaches who bring attendance but end up making you regret paying them. Do you want them around your young guys, no. They treat themselves like they are above everyone else, and the organizations that hire them enable this behavior. Did I mention that both are steroid users and are connected to criminals (and alleged criminals themselves)?
I asked a couple of my students (4th grade boys) if they knew who Hogan was. They knew he was wrestler but some have never even seen him wrestle. To these kids, Hogan is famous for being famous and not famous for being a good wrestler. Will they watch TNA for him, more than likely but I can guarantee you that not a single one of them will buy any bit of his merchandise.
If TNA wanted to make a big splash, I think they should have gone after two guys in this order: The Rock and then Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both are former WWF champions who, are proven boosts in the ratings, have more wrestling talent than Hogan, are movie stars (The Rock being a huge movie star), and are a solid pressence in the locker room. Signing The Rock or Austin would create shockwaves throughout the wrestling community and would spark the ratings. Signing Hogan is the equivalent to seeing another Ted Danson spin off, we know that he was once famous and on top so lets try and see if he can boost ratings 20 years later. Just like people don’t care about Danson anymore, they don’t care about Hogan.


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