NBA Playoff/Lottery Prediction

1. Lakers
2. Portland
3. San Anontio
4. Dallas
5. Denver
6. Clippers
7. New Orleans
8. Phoenix Suns
9. Memphis
10. Oklahoma City
11. Houston 
12. Golden State
13. Sacromento
14. Utah Jazz
15. Minnesota

Lakers over Phoenix
Portland over New Orleans
San Antonio over Clippers
Denver over Dallas

Lakers over Denver
Portland over San Antonio

Portland over Lakers

1. Orlando
2. Cleveland
3. Boston
4. Toronto 
5. Atlanta
6. Miami
7. Charlotte
8. Detroit
9. Chicago
10. Milwaukee
11. Washington
12. New York
13. Philadelphia
14. Indiana –
15. New Jersey

Orlando over Detroit
Cleveland over Charlotte
Boston over Miami
Atlanta over Toronto

Boston over Cleveland
Orlando over Atlanta

Orlando over Boston

Portland over Orlando


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