While I still think that TNA is not that smart to sign Hogan, I gotta give it to them on a couple of fronts: -As I was watching “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, a Hogan match was on it. Think about the hundred random people who just googled Hogan to see what he is up to and TNA Wrestling comes up with his name.
-Here is the greatest one, the WWE is releasing a Hogan DVD in November. Now think about this for a second; the WWE will be promoting a DVD of a TNA wrestler. In essence they are promoting a TNA wrestler for free and TNA doesn’t have to pay a dime for this free publicity. By TNA signing Hogan now and not earlier, they do not give the WWE time to pull back its marketing dollars. Sure the WWE will pull its website ads and not promote it on their shows but all the money has been spent on advertising on non WWE entities like magazines and other miscellaneous places. The Sunday before the DVD is released, we will see at least a Best Buy ad with it in it, instant free promotion for the company.


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