Browsing today’s news  < Golfer tests positive for steroids. This isn’t even an guy on the PGA tour, this is some no name who has to qualify. If steroids can help minor leaguers turn into major leaguers then steroids can turn Joe Schmos into PGA players. < The Cleveland Browns have fired their general manager. To quote : “(He) was ushered out of the (team) facility by security around lunchtime Monday.” Unless the gm did something that has not been reported, this is a bad way to fire a guy and proof that the organization as a whole is a mess. <Tom Cable is accussed of hitting woman. Look, I undertand that people make mistake. I have made my fair share but this is a consistent pattern in this guys history. Basically he hits people when he gets mad and captain obvious says that is wrong. This is not a guy that I would want coaching my team; he is a bad influence. He needs to be fired and banned from the NFL. This is worse than Pete Rose gambling on baseball. Chargers waive future Hall of Famer Chris Chambers. If you watch Chargers games and I do (LA county is 200 miles away from San Diego so we get every Chargers game, lame I know.) this guy has something left in the tank. The Cowboys would be wise to pick him up. Rajon Rondo gets a huge contract. 5 years for 55 million. He may be overpaid but if he develops into a scorer then this contract is worth it. This is actually a steal for the Celtics. Rondo means more than 11 million dollars to the Celtics. The Celtics had to get this deal done or the fans would revolt. The Phoenix Coyotes have officially been sold to the NHL. This reminds me of the time MLB bought the Expos. Things turned out fine for the Expos, the will for the Coyotes.


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