Here is a trade that I would like to see happen: Aaron Rowand to the Cubs for Milton Bradley. Cubs fans would love Rowand.
Why this trade works for both teams: Cubs need to dump Bradley and his 2 years left. Giants would love to get out of the 3 years left on Rowand’s contract. Giants would be saving money and adding a better player.
Here is why it won’t work: Barry Bonds and his bad clubhouse chemistry are still fresh in the Giants mind. I really don’t see why the Cubs wouldn’t want to it. They have to understand that they will take on a bad contract for Bradley, I would rather take Rowand than a player like Gary Matthews. Contrary to reports, the Dodgers and Cubs will never do a Milton Bradley for Juan Pierre swap. Both teams have had the other player and don’t want to see that player ever again. Also, the Angels would probably never trade for a headcase like Milton Bradley.
One very interesting scenario that I have heard about has Milton Bradley going to the Red Sox for JD Drew. There are also reports of him going to the Sox for next to nothing.


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