Some random hot stove items, none are boiling

Not sure if its good news the Dodgers will bring back their whole coaching staff…If I am a team that needs a first basement, I check in on Lyle Overbay and see if Toronto is willing to pay a chunk of his salary…Some outrageous type b free agents will be available: Vladimir Guerrero, Adrian Beltre, Mark Derosa, Jason Marquis. And those with no compensation include a really stellar: Hideki Matsui, Pedro Feliz, Aubrey Huff, and Jarrod Washburn. Oh and so is Brad Penny who made 2 all star games. Wow, I would love to see who is a type A free agent. These ratings are flawed…Can you believe that Carl Pavano, Brad Penny, Vincente Padilla, and Pedro Martinez will be the most sought after free agents? Neither can I? Ask anyone last year if those guys would be on your list of best available and they would laugh in your face. To me, that is why scouts are unnecessary…It is nice to see that star of the movie “A Player to be Named Later” Marco Scutaro, is a type A free agent and will get paid like one hopefully. Search Amazon for the movie, it covers journeyman minor leaguers…Rich Harden or Erik Bedard, which potential ace without injuries do you want on your team? Neither, I would take Justin Duchsherer…And in bigger news: Steven Tyler quit Aerosmith. Wow!


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