The League

I am not a fan of fantasy football. In fact, I fucking hate it. It is worse than twitter because grown men obsess about running backs stats. Don’t they realize that most of these players will not be relevant 10 years from now? So when I found out that FX had picked up a show that revolved around fantasy football, I was expecting a huge flop; but, the show is actually quite good. I am not sure if TNA Impact is just so bad that I find the show “The League” more entertaining or if the show is actually good, but I have found myself watching The League at 10:30 on Thursday nights instead of TNA Impact. The show is your average guy show that revolves around 4/5 friends who are in a fantasy league. The fantasy football is actually secondary to their lives/relationships/family. When football is inserted, it is tasteful and funny. I wouldn’t say that “The League” is a great show but if you are sick of TNA on Thursday nights and like football and comedy tv then you can do worse than this show.


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