Who Made The Team: TNA

1. Desmond Wolfe
2. Samoa Joe
3. AJ’s Mystery Attacker
4. Beautiful People
5. Kurt Angle
6. Sarita and Taylor Wilde
7. Daniels
8. Scott Steiner
9. Amazing Red
10. Eric Young
11. British Invasion
12. Motor City Machine Guns

Not included: AJ Styles (The TNA Champion. Yes tna: your writers suck.), Hernandez, Matt Morgan

1. Jay Lethal, he lost his own invitational
2. Dudley Boys or whatever they are called. They turn heel and don’t like it? Lame. They also injured Chris Sabin and continued their match.
3. Bobby Lashley: 20 bucks says his own wife turns on him
4. Homicide: here was a guy who was supposed to have big things happen to him and then he joined the World Elite and became a lackey.


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