Every year I fantasize about what the NFL would be like if they had a bowl system, like college football has. This year it is easy because there are clear cut number ones and number twos in each league. It’s not like that every year. Look at college football, they have a solid 10 teams with championship arguments. However, this article is about NFL BCS games so here we go:

1. The Obvious BCS NFL Championship game featuring the 2 undefeated teams.
Colts vs Saints in Los Angeles, CA
I placed it in L.A. because I find it ironic that both these teams have been linked to being moved to L.A.

The next 3 games are of division leaders who do not belong in the Championship game but belong in BCS bowl games.
2. Cardinals vs Vikings in Chicago
This is the 2 best NFC teams not named the Saints. I placed it in Chicago because the Cardinals once played there and the Vikings have a rival there so it is familiar turf for both franchises.
3. Chargers vs Patriots in Indianapolis
AFC consolation game. In Indy because they have a new stadium and deserve a BCS game.
4. Bengals vs Cowboys in Nashville
Nashville seemed like the logical choice of a place between Cincy and Dallas. Nashville has both Bengals and Cowboys fans. I would actual pay to see this game.

The next round of bowls are the non BCS bowls that will still generate solid ratings because they have good teams playing in them. The first 3 have teams competing for the wild card and the 4 after that are just solid teams.
5. Giants vs Steelers in Cleveland
Another game that I would pay to see. Heck, I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t. Also features the last 2 Super Bowl winners and a great QB match up.
6. Packers vs Jaguars in Hawaii
I wanted to place a good game in Hawaii, they got it.
7. Eagles vs Falcons in DC

8. Bears vs Ravens in Cleveland
Defense, young franchise qbs. Like you expected a different match up with their records.
9. Panthers vs Titans in Miami in the Kerry Collins bowl
2 teams trying to remind people why they were great last year.
10.  Broncos vs Texans in Kansas City
Probably would be a good game between 2 young teams.
11. Dolpins vs Jets in the AFC East showdown in Boston

And finally the Bowl games that no one will even know are on. Because in the Mr. Cameron Rose BCS, no team is in-eligible for a bowl game.
12. Redskins vs Lions in NY in the Redskins want to avenge a bad loss Bowl.
13. Seahawks vs Bills in Calgary in the teams that belong in Canada bowl.
14. 49ers vs Raiders in San Jose, CA in the Bay Area who cares game.
15. Rams vs Browns in the Loser goes to the UFL Bowl game in Siberia.
16. Chiefs vs Buccaneers in the We Will Suck for a while bowl in Mexico


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