Coaching Mr. Cameron Rose #2

Tryouts are tomorrow. I doubt that I will sleep well the next few nights. It may be park league but I take this seriously. If I mess up my first picks, that could mean the difference between my ulcer returning or staying away.
When there are tryouts, I try to get there exceptionally early to see which parents are hanging out, how they treat there kids, how husbands treat their wives. I don’t want an asshole telling me what to do. Since the parents usually have no idea that a 24 year old is coaching, I like to be the first one in the gym. I let my brother play on the swings so he doesn’t draw attention to me. The parents usually have no idea that I am a coach. Those that do are usually the ones that I have coached football with or against. There is usually only 10 or so kids that have played football out of the 80 that sign up so no one really knows me. I should add that another 5 or so know me from schools that I have worked at.
It is very important to me to know how the parents act. As a coach, I hate to bad-mouth parents that I have coached but I have had some really bad parents, even on the teams that I had that were highly succesful. I may be a great coach but I know that I have the personality of someone that can be easily taken advantage of. I am aware of this and don’t want to pick a bully. My favorite (by saying this, I mean least favorite) type of parent to deal with is the former coach. He knows everything and parcitipates in every practice yet refuses be your assistant coach because he is too busy but in reality he thinks that he is too good enough to be an assistnant coach, he even shows this despite saying differently. He talks shit behind your back to other parents despite smiling to your face. Your nicer parents tell you what is going on but if you confront him, he will get pissed and take his kid off your team. This would be great and you would have one less asshole on your team except for the important fact that his kid was your first draft pick, which means he is the best player on your team. If you lose this kid, your team can count on not making the playoffs and if your team is not competitive then you risk the other parents turning on you.
I may be 24 but as you can see, I am obviously a veteran of coaching youth sports.


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