Coaching Mr. Cameron Rose #3

So tryouts were today. I was expecting it to be nothing but it was a huge event. 90 plus kids showed up. I was not expecting that. I was planning on staying 45 minutes, not 3 hours.
Tryouts were pretty simple: running (suicides), jumping (trying to touch the net), five on five scrimmage, then they introduced us to each kid. When they introduced us to each kid, I felt bad for the kid. We were in a full gym and the kid was told to come up, stand there and his name and number were announced. All the kids were in a line waiting to be called on for this so it was easy to see who the taller kids were. I gotta be honest, height is something that I look for when I coach basketball because height cannot be taught. You can teach a kid how to improve on speed drills.
I gotta be honest, the kids kind of sucked. It looked like some of the other coaches were drooling but everyone seemed the same. This league will be very well rounded. One or two gems but one was a coaches son and I am told that another is an autopick for someone else. Politics.
“Hey your son is a great basketball player. Is he signed up in the park league.”
“Well I am Coach Fuckhead. I think that I can turn your kid into a great player and connect him with scouts. Something other coaches can’t do.” “Blah, blah, blah, I am an asshole, more gibberish. I am great, I will suck your dick, etc.”
“Great, whats your name again?”
“Coach Fuckhead”
“Okay, I will be sure and request you.”

There was a bunch of hidden gems today. I took thourough notes. I tried to hide who I was writing about because I didn’t want other coaches to see me writing a bunch of stuff. Its like a poker game. I was sitting next to another coach and would say “Wow”, “awesome”, “looks good”, “I want him, don’t pick him” when I didn’t mean it.
There were some of my old football players there. Unfortunately most who had parents that I didn’t want to see again or who were scrubs but great kids. Those were the ones that I was selling big time to the other coaches.
“I want him, I coached him on football this year. He can run faster than that. He was one of my key contributors.” I would say when in reality, I want nothing to do with said kid.

For the record, children/athletes: I genuinly think the world of all of you. Not all of you are talented but all of you are great kids. I have not me a kid that I have coached that I did not want back on my team.


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