Please hire me

So for the past 2 and a half months, I have been volunteering in a 4th grade class. I have worked with 4th grade kids (coaching) but never in a classroom setting. Little did I know that I was a great 4th grade teacher. I can teach multiplication better than most teachers. Most teachers don’t know how to teach 45 times 58 but for some reason I can do it. I was proud of myself the other day when I (a 24 year old with 2 months of 4th grade experience, but about 8 years of experience working in a classroom) was able to out-teach a 30 year veteran 3rd grade teacher who was substituting for the class. She didn’t know how to teach multiplication but when I explained it, the kids understood.
So please someone hire me. I would make a great high school football coach and I can be an aide or do many other various things that are needed at a school. I have tons of references. Please get in touch at
This is legit, I am actually begging for a job.


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