the only college football post on here

If Florida beats Alabama tonight then I am giving them the National Championship because of their past dominance. Alabama was just resurected under Nick Saban. I would rather pay to see Boise St vs Cincy than TCU against any of them in the non title game. Boise St is a perennial contender, TCU has really just established itself the past couple of years. I gotta be honest though, I would love to see Boise St in a title game just once. Bottom line is this year above every other year proves the need for a final four scenario.

Note: I am not saying that Alabama is not deserving of the National Championship. They are just on the young side. They play in the toughest division and beat Florida so they will deserve it.
Right now, it is 7:20 left in the 2nd quarter of the Alabama/Florida game and Alabama is kicking Florida’s ass.


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