Coaching Mr Cameron Rose

I purposely didn’t blog yesterday because of the tryouts. There was a bunch of good kids there and only 7 of the 10 coaches were there. I will cover thoughts on the kids in the draft notes, which is the next few paragraphs.
So today was draft today. We walk into the gym where there is a big chalk board. We are given a list with all the kids rankings. (The park ranks the kids based on rounds. This is a good thing because if a coach has 2 kids playing who are first rounders, he cannot get another first rounder or since he has 2 kids a first and second rounder; he must forfeit those picks as they are used on his kids.)
After getting all tidy, were are given a list of team names that we can pick. It has been a tradition at this park to only allow college names to be picked. Teams that we can pick are Bruins, Matadors, Trojans, Wild Cats, Huskies, Spartans, Tar Heels, Bearcats, Waves, Ducks, Irish, Cardinals, Bulldogs, Tigers, Lonhourns, Bears, Rebels, Aztecs, Hurricanes, and Jayhawks.
The park director puts numbers in a hat and each coach picks a number. I picked number 3 so I get the 3rd pick for the team name. Here is how the team picks went:
1. Longhorns
2. Trojans – a bunch of coaches groaned. This is So Cal after all. My guess is that the Trojans and Bruins are the reason why we have to pick out of a hat so coaches don’t kill each other for those teams, it’s fair.
3. Spartans – I was thinking about picking the Irish because as a kid I was big into Notre Dame but I liked Notre Dame because Joe Montana went there. He is a football player. After that I thought about the Huskies because I am from Connecticut but every year I coach they give the Huskies the purple uniforms to represent Washington. I want to represent UCONN. I have already coached the Tar Heels and Bearcats. I settle on the Spartans. My mom is from Michigan, I can rationalize to my brother that I picked the Spartans because they are from Michigan.
4. Bruins – This coach was clearly happy to have the Bruins fall to him. When I picked the Spartans, I heard a yes coming from his table.
5. Aztecs – Coach is a San Diego St alumni. Very common in our area.
6. Matadors – we live/play near Cal State Northridge. Someone was going to pick them.
7. Waves – see above pick except substitute CSUN for Pepperdine
8. Huskies
9. Jayhawks
10. Hurricanes

After that we told the park director our auto picks so they can go up on the board, the other coaches could cross the players off their list, and we would know which round we had to forefeit a player. I had 2 auto picks, my brother and a neighbor. Those were rounds 6 and 7. Not what I would like in a 9 player draft but I am not a complainer.
I drew the number 6 pick for the draft. Here is how it went:
Round 1: 4 coaches ahead of me had to forfeit their first picks for their sons. This worked to my advantage, I was able to grab the kid that I had number 2 on my board.
Round 2: I feel like I got great value again. I got a kid that I had ranked 8th.
Round 3: There was a kid that the park had ranked as a first rounder still on the board. I have the first 16 players off my draft board crossed out so I think about taking this kid. This kid is my number 20 but I am not dead set on any other kids. I also know that the park ranked him as a first rounder for a reason. I know that the other coaches know something about this kid and I ask to see if they will say anything. Most of these guys are returning coaches for this league. A couple coaches say that the dad usually insists on coaching and they have an assistant; well, I don’t. Another guy says that he never saw the kid (coach didn’t show up to 2nd tryout). I take my chances.
Round 4: my number 16 player gets taken right before me. I take number 19 on my board.
Round 5: Now the draft is a crapshoot in my book. Every good player is off the board in my opinion. I know other coaches have been picking blindly for a while now. I have one problem, this is a crucial pick. It is my last pick until round 8 so I know this pick must be able to contribute. I love my brother but I know that he will not contribute at all. I also like my neighbor but I only auto picked him because he is a great kid. I really didn’t know who to pick.
I see a kid available that I wrote 6th rounder next to in my notes. That means that I noticed that he has some talent, right? I hope so. I take my chances and take him.
Round 6 and 7: I had to forfeit the picks for my brother and neighbor.
Round 8: Severe crapshoot point. I take a kid who I listed as having a hot mom. I know it is sad but every kid that I saw talent in is off the board.
Round 9: There are 96 kids and I don’t want to take a 9th player. I get bullied into it. I take my chances and take a kid that signed up late. Hey, he could have been a first rounder for all I knew.
Practice starts in a week. I gotta call the parents and tell them that their kid is a Spartan.


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