Coaching Mr. Cameron Rose

So I lost a player. The player that I lost was my neighbor. My neighbor that I have known since before he was even born (I knew his mom when she was pregnant with him). The worst part is, I lost him to another team. I lost him at his parent’s request. I thought that this was my slam dunk parent that was going to tell the other parents how great I am. Now what are the other parents going to think when they find out that my neighbor requested off of my team?
So I am sure that you are thinking, well Cameron you are not that innocent. I am not: A couple of days after the draft, I went over to my neighbor’s house. I gave them a copy of the rules and we reviewed them at the mother’s request. All that was fine. After is when things went downhill. The mother pulls me to side alone to ask me a few questions. Questions like: “Can I be the team Mom?”, “How much playing time will my kid receive?”, “When is the first practice?” All of these are simple questions but questions that I did not have the answer to. So it went like this from my part: “I will have to see if another parent wants to be the team mom. You can probably be the co team mom at least.” “I will be honest, you kid was a late round pick and is small. He has never played organized basketball so he will probably play the minimum.” “I haven’t set a practice date yet. Usually, I like to call my parents first to see if there are bad days. (Some people can’t practice on Wednesdays, etc) I don’t want to schedule a practice and only have half the team show up.”
She seemed fine with my answers; or so I thought. A couple of days later, I get a call from the Bruins coach. He says that the park director told him that we have to make a trade. He tells me that I am getting one of his kids that wants to be with his friend on my team. I immediately make some phone calls:
– to the park director who tells me what is going on. He claims that my neighbor(the mother) stalked him for an hour complaining about me. I am basically on his shit list because this has never happened before. She refused a refund and demanded that he put on the Bruins.
– to my neighbor who does not answer. So I go to their house and they don’t answer. It feels like they know that they fucked me.
– to my new player and his family to introduce myself. They seemed happy or so I thought. They had no idea that a trade was in the works but were happy to find out that they got what they wanted. (Trades are very uncommon and borderline illegal in park leagues.)
Turns out talking to my “new player” opened up another can of worms. The person who was friends with this kid was my neighbor. Well my neighbor was just traded for him. This family is now pissed and wants off of my team. 
Finally after a few days, things get settled. I lose two players and get none. Both players are now Bruins. I lose my neighbor and his friend gets to join him on that team. Everyone is happy except me.

Now I am left asking questions:
– Did the Bruins coach have something to do with this? Was he trying to screw me?
– Did my neighbor screw a lifelong friendship over a ploy to get two kids on the same team? It certainly feels like that.
– If I have any more drama, will I get kicked off of coaching. This is big, I lost my neighbor from my team. To an unbiased person that speaks volumes on my character.
– Did I misjudge my neighbors after all these years that I knew the family? Were the thanksgiving dinners that I spent with them all a farce?


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