the new monday night war recap

What a fucking dissapointment.
Jeff Hardy is back on TNA but they found a way to kill him. They made is sound like Shannon Moore was more important than Hardy. Hardy can outdraw Hogan yet he is under Hogan. What a fucking joke. Jeff Hardy should be a main eventer but he is not and won’t be.
Did anyone catch how Homicide could not climb out of the cage to save his life. There was also a huge fuck up at the begining of the cage match where Alex Shelley was climbing up the cage and literally waiting for 5 minutes because he wasn’t suppossed to win as he was near the top in the begining of the match. What was he going to do, fall and make an ass out of himself to save the match?

Nigel McGuiness/Desmond Wolfe got killed. World Elite and Eric Young were non existent after their push through the moon.

Does anybody care about Orlando Jordan? Does anybody care about “the pope”? Both those guys are WWE rejects.
By the way, there is only a 6 year age difference between those 2 so Dinero should not look down to Jordan.

Did anybody buy the whole Sting in the raptors things? I sure as hell didn’t and I don’t think Sting did.

It seems like all the Hogan guys were put over. What a joke. This seems like it was Hogan’s company merging with TNA. Did TNA really need new blood?

I had the opprotunity to watch with a 4th grader. He did not know who Sean Waltman or Scott Hall were. He did not understand why they were so important nor did he really care. That whole Hogan segment was a turn off for him. He also didn’t know who Val Venis or Shannon Moore were. What he liked: Hamada tag match, steel cage match, Hardy return (every kid that I know is a huge Hardy mark), Tara and her tarantula, and the Matt Morgan match (he actually told me that he wants to see Raven more).

What TNA did do right:
Having Morgan and Hernandez beat Stevie and Raven in a few seconds was great. It does look like Morgan is one of Hogan’s guys though. I actually hope he gets a push. 
Ric Flair in a mentor role to AJ Styles can push him to new heights but he really doesn’t need it. I really think that they should have Daniels in AJ’s role instead.

Raw was crap. It was the same old shit. I watched it on the commercials. DX is so boring that I didn’t even watch the match or anything about them.
Did you see Bret Hart’s face when he was huggin Shawn Michaels. It was not genuine on his part at all. He looked like he wanted to run away.
I did like Hart getting kicked in the balls to end the show. Now that was balsy and topped anything that TNA did.


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