Coaching Cameron Rose – Game 1

Well today was our first game and it couldn’t have gone any worse. We played the Hurricanes and they crushed us. I can’t even blame it on the other coach for cheating. He only had one auto pick and that was his son in the first round. He also had his 4th or 5th round pick (I honestly didn’t care. Actually I take that back, this team and league have me too stressed out to care) out because he was on vacation.
My team basically gave the Hurricanes the game. We got 10 or so rebounds and they were all from one player. I swear that my team is afraid of the ball. A bunch of turnovers were caused by passes of kids who seemed like they were afraid of the ball. Well you know what, we are playing dodge-ball at the next practice with basketballs.
Final score was 68 to 28. Mercy rule was in full effect by halftime (when it is aloud to go in affect. Mercy rule in this league is 30 and all that means is no full court press).
Some of the highlights of the game:
-My brother fouled out 3 minutes into the game. That means 5 fouls in 3 minutes. I was told by the referee that was basically a new record. They wanted me to take him out of the game after the third foul but I wanted to teach my brother what a foul was because I was obviously doing a terrible job at teaching him. It is also something I believe (leaving a kid in to work out his slump), especially with basketball. While I do believe in positive reinforcement (having someone blow a whistle and stopping the game to tell the official scorer that you fucked up while you are in front of a crown is not positive reinforcement to me), I think that it is a vital teaching opportunity to leave a kid in the game (if he can’t get his shot to go in, etc) to fix what he is doing wrong and adjust. That way he focuses on the adjustment and it will become second nature he won’t have to worry the next time he goes out. However that does not work with some kids and my brother is in that bunch. I won’t do that to him again.   
– Another kid fouled out.
– When I pulled out my star player, the other team went on a huge run. Basically 16 – 0. They stole the ball at will.
– It seemed like the refs were giving us phantom foul calls. I didn’t why half the calls were made. I know, a coach complaining that his team got calls in a game. I want this game to be fair.

Other scores:
Bruins 55 Trojans 44
Waves 80 Aztecs 15 (it is nice knowing that we were not the only team getting buried today)
Jayhawks 39 Longhorns 38 OT
Huskies 40 Matadors 29


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