Coaching Cameron Rose

Another game, another loss. However, we did better but there is still a lot more room for improvement. And to be honest, as a coach you can never say that you did better when there is a L next to your team name but we really did do better. We were even ahead at half time by 5 points.  Final score: Jayhawks 54 Spartans 50.
We were missing one of our “middle of the pack” players because he had a baseball game. That meant that I had 2 give more minutes to my 2 (I don’t want to say shitty) players.

Things on my mind:
– It is always worrisome when you blow a lead.
– There was a possession where the Jayhawks got 5 straight offensive rebounds. Yes, they didn’t make a shot for 5 straight times but: how can we not get the ball once in that set?
– 2 players fouled out. One was my brother but this time he fouled out in the 3rd quarter. My brother did lead the team in rebounds. Which leads me to the next one:
– The smallest kid on the team and a kid who did not even get a chance to play the whole game led the team in rebounds.
– I need to work on crunch time situations with this team.
– We are still afraid of the fucking ball.
– How can I get my player who did not show up to show up. If he is on a baseball team, then we are going to have conflicting practices (so far not a problem) and conflicting games.

– We kept the game competitive
– My “star” player had an off night, did not lead the team in scoring or rebounds yet we still were very competitive against a team that I thought looks good on paper.
Matadors 33 Longhorns 27
Hurricanes 60 Aztecs 22 – Hurricanes kill another team. At least it is not us.
Huskies 40 Trojans 31
Waves 60 Bruins 39 – was actually a competitive game until second half

1. Jayhawks 2-0
1. Waves 2-0
1. Hurricanes 2-0
1. Huskies 2-0
5. Bruins 1-1
5. Matadors 1-1       (next opponent)
7. Aztecs 0-2
7. Trojans 0-2  
7. Spartans 0-2
7. Longhorns 0-2


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