Coaching Mr Cameron Rose

We had a game today against one of the better teams on paper in my book. I know I keep saying that but in all honestly, I am disappointed that we lost to the Jayhawks. I thought that they had one of the worst drafts in this league. The only other team that I think did worse in the draft was the Longhorns.
8 players showed up, the same baseball kid missed this game again. He was my lottery ticket player. A decent kid but not one of my better players so its not as big of a blow as I was expecting.
This game was very important to me for 2 reasons:
1. If we lost today after game 3 that would make us 0 and 3 and with kids that puts a mental block in their head that says “We are losers” if it hasn’t already. I already see it on some parents faces and as I coach I want to smack it off them because it translates to the kids. If some of my parents have the losing mentality then I know some kids have it. It will just get worse if we lose another game and as I coach, I cannot afford that. I genuinely felt this was a must win game because of this.
I have had football teams that lost every game but one. One team won the second game of the season and it was instilled in the parents heads early that we could win. We didn’t win another game the rest of the season but because of that win, morale didn’t die until we lost the next four after that win and even then we still had a little swagger.
Another team I coached did not get a win until the very last game of the season. That was my first year ever coaching. We walked into every game with a losers mentality and it showed. We lost every game except for one, the last one. That last win was like winning the Super Bowl for us (we also won the game by keeping the other team from scoring with 5 yards to the touchdown line and 2 minutes left in the game. The best players on my team that day were not my most talented, they were the kids that knew we could win. The littlest and least talented kids made the stop. 2 of my kids ditched the team for all stars and another broke his finger. The very last play of the game, my very last draft pick and smallest, slowest kid on my team sacked the quarterback who was an all star.) That may have been the game of my life and was actually how I got my first ever coaching win, but I would trade that win and how it felt for a win earlier in the season because that year was brutal. The parents revolted, the kids revolted, kids did not show up, and my peers felt sorry for me. I wanted my peers to fear me, not feel sorry for me.
2. I did not have a practice before this game. I did not want to overload the kids with basketball. If we had another practice, I feared that we would have another practice with our heads down. Whereas when you show up to the game, you think of nothing else but What’s Important Now.

The Matadors may be a tough team but today it felt like they were lacking intensity. On every play, it felt like my team out hustled them and the truth is we weren’t even hustling. It is obvious that the Matadors coach likes to play at a slow pace; maybe it is because he does not trust his shooters, maybe he does not trust his point guards to move the ball, or maybe I misjudged the team and they aren’t as good as I was expecting.
Playing with what felt like our heads up our asses ourselves, we got out to a ten point lead at the mid point of the first quarter because of stellar play from my weaker players. I can’t even say that we were ahead because of the opposing team’s foul trouble. In fact, I think my foul prone team had more at this point.
At the midpoint of the game, the Matadors were within 4 of us but that ended up being our biggest worry; well besides the 2 of my players fouling out. For the first game, my brother did not fouled out. The referee even acknowledge this; I can’t tell if he was being easy on him or if this was sincere. 
We won the game pretty easily 65 to 48. 10 of those points came in the last two minutes where the Matadors kept missing shots, and we would get a rebound and fouled immediately.

– I would like to know why my player isn’t showing up the games. It was his snack day but we still had snacks. Apparently his parent’s called another player’s parents to switch. Why didn’t they call me though?
– I knew we were good.
– I wish my number one pick would play to his potential. He put up solid numbers but was out-rebounded and out-scored by weaker players on my team.
Longhorns 45 Trojans 40
Jayhawks 50 Aztecs 44
Bruins 60 Huskies 23 – yikes!
Waves 59 Hurricanes 54 – the Hurricanes coach seemed pissed and I think he accused the Waves coach of cheating.

1. Jayhawks 3-0
1. Waves 3-0
3. Hurricanes 2-1
3. Huskies 2-1
5. Bruins 2-1
6. Spartans 1-2
6. Longhorns 1-2
6. Matadors 1-2
10. Aztecs 0-3
10. Trojans 0-3   next game’s opponent


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