Coaching Cameron Rose

I am pissed at this week. First my team loses a player and then we play against a dirty team.

I made phone calls before Thursday practice to remind my players about the game and practice. I made a point to make a phone call to the kid that keeps missing the games. I get his dad on the phone and he starts shouting at me. “Why do you keep calling? I am sick of getting these phone calls. My kid will be at the baseball game.” (I am not the baseball coach and this is the first time that I have called this parent this week. This is the first time that I have even got through to these parents. I usually have to leave a voicemail message.) “I am the coach of your son’s  basketball team. I was hoping that he could be at the game. It is at 11 on Saturday.”
“He has a baseball game at that time. Why can’t you reschedule that game. What is wrong with you scheduling two games at once?”
“Sir, I am only a volunteer coach. I don’t know anything about your child’s baseball schedule. I don’t even have control over the basketball game schedule. If you have a problem with the practice schedule then I can work something out.” I said.
“You need to be like me. I am successful at everything I do. I make my schedule work”
“Okay I gotta go pick my brother up from school. It was nice talking to you.” I said
Now I don’t know what to think. I am curious what this guy does for a living and who he thinks he is. We live in a nice area so I am curious if he is a big shot at some corporation. My first reaction is to call the park director and tell him about this strange phone call. I have no intention of asking him to reschedule the game because this player wont make it. When I call the director I tell him what happened and he says that he is dealt with this guy before. He told me not to worry, which is a good thing because I was thinking that this is the last thing I need. I have already caused the director more drama than I wanted to. He asks me if this is one of my better players because he would be willing to reschedule the game if that is the case and I say “no”. 
I get a phone call before my practice on Thursday to say that this kid dropped out of the league.

We may have won the game today but the Trojans were dirty. Now I am not one to accuse any team or coach of playing dirty but when you throw shoulders in your screens in a youth league game, I believe that is dirty. I had 2 players leave the game early as a result of these screens. My star player had a bloody nose and my brother who is probably the smallest player in the league has a black eye as a result of the dirty plays. Did I mention that they both left in the first half? I feel as if my star player was targeted. I understand that but I reiterate this is a park league with kids. We do not play dirty.
Another thing as a coach, I refuse to let myself argue with the refs or complain at all but I found myself getting a technical as a result of this game. The ref got the message and the other team received 4 or 5 offensive fouls in the 2nd half but by that time the damage had been done. My kids were afraid of the Trojans.
The Trojans won the rebound battle, however we won the free throw battle and turnover battle. The Trojans were just a bad team. They threw too many bad passes, their offensive seemed too complicated for kids, and they missed too many shots.
I may have shaken the Trojans coach’s hand but I am pissed at him. He complained that my team is too soft. My team is too soft but this is recreation league where kids are honing their skills and learning the game. I was told after the game that my parents and the Trojans parents were verbally sparring with each other during the game. Turns out my parents didn’t like the screens either. I had parents fighting for my team from the other teams that played the Trojans already as well. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Jayhawks 45 Hurricanes 40 OT
Matadors 30 Aztecs 29
Bruins 59 Longhorns 23
Waves 45 Huskies 33
1. Jayhawks 4-0
1. Waves 4-0
3. Bruins 3-1      Next opponent
4. Hurricanes 2-2
4. Huskies 2-2
4. Spartans 2-2
4. Matadors 2-2
8. Longhorns 1-3
10. Aztecs 0-4
10. Trojans 0-4


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